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If you are one of the users who want to learn more about Microsoft Excel, you are in the right place. On this page, you will find plenty of excel tutorials covering every excel features. offers tutorials on various topics like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, C#, PowerShell, and many more niche topics. On this page, you will find an overview of all covered subjects as part of Excel tutorials.

This tutorial is for all the users who want to learn excel. These can vary from users with no knowledge of excel to advanced users.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used Office productivity software applications. You can use Excel to perform most of the day-to-day, essential to advanced financial, mathematical, statistical, and scientific calculation.

Following are the topics covered as part of this Microsoft Excel Tutorials.

Excel Basics

SectionDescription & Individual Topics
Getting Started with ExcelThis section covers some of the topics that lets you get started with Excel. You will learn how to the basics of Excel UI, Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, Dialog box, Shortcuts etc.
Change Theme | Themes – Advanced |
Save in XLS format | Save as PDF | Export to MHTML | Export to PDF | Export to Text File | Export as HTML | Save in 97-2003 format
Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Excel | Spin Control Example |
Add a Comment | Show/Hide All Comments | Hide Comment Indicators | Change Comment Box Shape | Insert Picture into Comment Box |
Dialog Box Launcher | Show Developer Tab | Show/Hide Formula Bar | Developer Tab | Status Bar
Workbook & WorksheetsA Workbook is just your Excel file. Each Workbook contains multiple worksheets. A worksheet is a collection of cells to store and manage your data. This section covers everything you need to know about Excel Worksheet and Workbook.
Insert/Delete Worksheet | Hide Workbook | Hide Sheet | Unhide Sheet | Move/Copy Worksheets | Copy Multiple Worksheets | Consolidate WorkSheet | Split WorkSheets | Clear Hyperlinks | Remove All Hyperlinks | Freeze Panes | Group/UnGroup WorkSheets | Zoom In/ Zoom Out | View Multiple Workbooks | Auto-Recover | Advanced Auto Recover | Recover , Backup & Restore | Find & Select | Remove Linebreaks
Excel Files & Templates
Excel Cells and RangesMove Columns | Insert Sequence Number | Column Width & Row Height | Swap Cell Contents | Delete Hidden Rows & Columns | Fill Handle | Apply Formula without Auto Fill | Wrap Text | Wrap Text – Advanced | Insert Bullets | Auto Fill | Flash Fill | Custom Lists | Hide/UnHide Columns | Fibonacci Sequence | Insert Picture | Merge Cells
Data FormattingRemove Time from Date Time | Highlight Alternate Rows with Conditional Formatting | Highlight Alternate Rows with Format as Table | Convert Date to Week Day | Fill Blank Cell with a Value using Go To Special | Custom Cell Formatting | Delete Empty Rows with Go To Special | Switch Rows to Columns with Go To Special Transpose | Auto Fit | Format Cells | Decimal Places | Fractions | Format Painter | Cell Styles | Custom Number Format | Numbers to Text Formatting | Text to Number Formatting | Currency vs Accounting Formatting | Date & Time Format | Avoid Automatic Data Format | Superscript & Subscript | Copy Visible Cells with Go To Special | Row Differences with Go To Special | Delete Blank Rows using Go To Special

Excel Essentials

SectionDescription & Individual Topics
PrintingPrint Title on Every Page | Header & Footer | Header & Footer – Advanced | Resize Print Area | Print WorkSheet | Print WorkSheet – Advanced | Workbook Views | Page Break
CustomizeChange Page Orientation | Orientation of Text in Cell
Protection & SecurityLock Cells | Protect Sheet | Protect WorkBook with Password | Mark as Final | Mark as Read-Only
ShareEmbed PDF
Data ValidationsDate Validation | Restrict to Number/Decimal | Remove Data Validations | Simple Drop Down List | Drop Down List | Auto Populate on Drop Down Selection | Drop Down List with Other Worksheet Data | Color Coded Drop Down List | Find Cells with Data Validations | Find Invalid Data | Named Range | Dynamic Named Range | Copy Cell Validation Rule
Excel Tables
Excel Keyboard ShortcutsExcel Options Dialog | Page Orientation Shortcut | Format Cell Dialog | Repeat Command | Scroll Worksheet without Active Cell Change | Useful Keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Excel 2016 that you must know – Part 1

Excel Formulas & Functions

SectionDescription & Individual Topics
Formulas & Functions BasicsFormula & Functions – Getting Started | Paste Options | Sum Alternate Rows with SUMIF | Duplicate Values with COUNTIF | Get Count of an Item with COUNTIF | Advanced COUNTIF | Hide & Lock Formulas
Cell References
Conditional Analysis/ Logical
Mathematical Operation FunctionsSubtract | Calculate Percentage | Square Root | Random Number with RANDBETWEEN | Random String with RANDBETWEEN | Centimeter to Inches using CONVERT | Unique Random Number
Rounding FunctionsRound
Text FunctionsLower | Title Case with PROPER | Text to Column Wizard | Find Nth Occurence of Text | Merge Column | Prefix/Suffix with CONCATENATE | Remove 1st and Last Character with RIGHT & LEFT | Remove Leading Spaces with TRIM
Date & Time FunctionsCalculate Age with DATEDIF | Add/Subtract Days | Current Date with NOW() | Current Date with TODAY() | Subtract Two Days – Multiple Ways | Weekend Check with WEEKDAY()
Matching & Lookups FunctionsLookup Functions – Intro | Duplicate Values with MATCH | Two-Way Lookup | Offset | Index & Match | Income Tax Calculator | VLookup
Financial Analysis Functions
Statistical Analysis FunctionsSmall | Large | Max & Min
Table & Conditional FormattingChange Color Based on Value with Conditional Formatting
Array FormulasNearest Value
Errors & Formulas
Excel Function ReferencesConvert Non-Numeric to Numeric Value

Excel Data Analysis

SectionDescription & Individual Topics
Importing Data
Excel Advanced ValidationsLimit No. of Characters | Limit to Numeric Value
Worksheet Outlines
Pivot Tables
What-if Analysis
Goal Seeking & Solver
Analysis Tool pack
Power Pivot & Power Query
Excel Data Analysis MiscSort Columns

Excel Visualization

SectionDescription & Individual Topics
Excel Visualization Basics
Excel Charts

Excel Automation

SectionDescription & Individual Topics
VBA BasicsReverse a Text | Remove Multiple Line Breaks
VBA AdvancedMerge Worksheets | Sort Worksheets | Remove Non-Numeric Characters | Disable Research Task Pane | Protect Worksheets | Created & Modified Date Time of File using VBA
User FormsCheckboxes | Radio Buttons
Custom Worksheet Functions

Excel Extras

SectionDescription & Individual Topics
How TosCalculator | Text to Speech | Display Blank Cell on Zero | List File Names | Auto Move Cell Pointer | Vertical & Horizontal Scrollbar | List of Files | Created & Last Modified Time of Excel File | Hide Page Breaks | Insert Current File Name | Insert Current File Path to Cell | Add Additional Author | Turn off Start Screen | Insert CheckMark
MiscellaneousSpell Check | Use Spell Check | Watch Window
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