How to delete all hidden rows or columns in Excel 2016 ?

Do you want to delete all the hidden rows in excel or even remove hidden columns in Excel ?. This post will explain in simple steps how you can do that. So , without wasting much time , lets get started.

How to delete all hidden rows or columns in Microsoft Excel 2016 ?

1. Open your excel workbook in Microsoft Excel 2016 and then click File –> Info.

delete hidden rows in excel

2. Click the “Check for Issues” drop-down button and select “Inspect Document”.

delete hidden columns in excel

3. Ensure that the “Hidden Rows and Columns” checkbox is selected in the “Document Inspector dialog and clock the “Inspect” button.

delete hidden rows and columns in excel

4. The Document Inspector dialog should display the section with the hidden rows and Columns details. Click the “Remove all” button as shown in the screenshot and then click the close button.

remove hidden rows in excel

This should remove all the hidden rows and columns from the excel sheet in your Excel workbook.

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