COUNT Function in Excel

In this post, you’ll learn about Count Function, its syntax and the way of using Count Function in Excel spreadsheet.

What is COUNT Function?

COUNT Function in Excel is a statistical function. The COUNT Function counts the number of cells that contain numbers and also counts the numbers within the list of arguments, arrays, ranges, constants, negative values, fractions, time, date, and percentages.

In financial analyst, you can use data analyzing by using count of cell in the given range. Ignores empty cells and texts .


=COUNT(value 1, [value 2],…)
  • = – built-in function.
  • COUNT – Function name.
  • value 1 – (Required) range within which you want to calculate the numbers.
  • value 2 – (Optional) there can be 255 additional arguments, cell reference, ranges within which you want to count numbers.


  • COUNT Function can handle up to 255 arguments.
  • An argument can be variety of data, but COUNT function count only numbers.
  • It counts arguments such as negative numbers, dates, percentage, array, ranges and constants.
  • Ignores text values, empty cells and logical values such as TRUE or FALSE.
  • Functions for counting,
    • To count numbers only, use COUNT Function.
    • For counting numbers and text, use COUNTA Function.
    • To count based on one criteria, use COUNTIF Function.
    • To count based on multiple criteria, use COUNTFS Function.
    • For counting empty cells, use the COUNTBLANK Function.

How to use COUNT Function in Excel ?

COUNT Function in excel, is used to count only numbers.



Open the workbook in your Microsoft Excel.


Enter the data in the workbook.

How to use COUNT Function in Excel ?

In the new cell, give the formula of the function or the syntax. Always start with ‘ =’ for every functions, COUNT Function name, followed by the open parenthesis, to the arguments of the syntax.

How to use COUNT Function in Excel ?

In this example, the values are from A3 to A10.


Press Enter, to get the calculated values.

How to use COUNT Function in Excel ?

COUNT returns 5, since there are 5 numeric values in the range A3: A10. Text values are ignored.