AVEDEV Function in Excel

 In this post, you’ll learn about AVEDEV function and the term that refers AVEDEV function in excel, its syntax and how to use AVEDEV function in excel spreadsheet.

What is an AVEDEV Function in Excel?

An AVEDEV function is a function which calculates and returns the average of absolute deviations with the numbers provided from the mean in a given data. AVEDEV function handles negative value by working only with absolute values.

This method is an easy way to show the variability in a data set. AVEDEV function is a built-in function which is termed as statistical function in excel. AVEDEV Function is a Worksheet function (WS) in excel.


  • Arguments (values) must be numbers, named ranges, zeros, arrays or reference (which contains numbers) is valid. you can enter up to 30 values.
  • Ignores empty cells , text, string, error, and logical values.
  • AVEDEV returns always a numeric value.
  • AVEDEV function applies to;
    • Excel for office 365, excel 2019, excel 2016, excel 2013, excel for 2011 for mac, excel 2010, excel 2007, excel 2003, excel XP, excel 2000.
=AVEDEV (number 1, [number 2], … [number_n]            


=>> AVEDEV () – it is a function’s name.     

=> (number 1), [number 2],… [number_n] – is the number of values.

How to use AVEDEV Function in Microsoft Excel?

 Average absolute deviation function calculates the absolute values and to get the sum of squared values.

Step 1:
  • Open your workbook in Microsoft excel. Select the cell, where you want to calculate the AVEDEV.
How to use AVEDEV Function in Microsoft Excel?
Step 2: you can give the formula in the cell, ‘=AVEDEV’ open the parenthesis ‘(‘, then enter the values, and then close the parenthesis ‘)’.

Press Enter, to get the calculated value.

How to use AVEDEV Function in Microsoft Excel?