CHOOSE Function in Excel

In this post you’ll learn about CHOOSE Function, its syntax and the way of using choose function in excel spreadsheet.

What is a CHOOSE function?

CHOOSE function returns the value from a list of values based on the given position.  This function includes built-in-function(Lookup/ Reference function) and Used in (WS)&(VBA). These function includes various types to CHOOSE the function in spreadsheet. Thus it depends on rows and columns.


=CHOOSE( postion, value 1,[value 2,… value_n])


  • Position: list of values to return
  • Value 1,value 2….value_n: A list of upto 29 values


CHOOSE function : any datatype,as string ,numeric ,data etc.

Value: this follows to be a number, a cell reference, a defined named, a formule, a function , a text.

How to use CHOOSE function in Excel ?

In this ,you can learn the procedure to find the choose function in excel .

open the microsoft excel and start with the new worksheet.

How to use CHOOSE function in Excel ?

This is an example code which we are going to show how to use CHOOSE function in Excel.

STEP 1: creating a table of students name with their marks and CHOOSE function will find the performance using the syntax.

How to use CHOOSE function in Excel ?

As per the syntax =CHOOSE( is given followed by we have to enter the index number.

STEP 2: The index number is select by placing the cursor to the cell.

How to use CHOOSE function in Excel ?

here the cell index number is B2, thus it has been entered.

STEP 3: Followed by values should be entered, the following values are excellent, better, good these should be entered individually by separated quotes.

How to use CHOOSE function in Excel ?

thus the syntax is completed. next give enter the following will be the function choose

STEP 4: The choose function is resulted with the required output.

How to use CHOOSE function in Excel ?