How to use AutoFill in Microsoft Excel ?

AutoFill is one of the features in Excel that fills the cells with a value based on the patterns of the previous two fields.

Let’s see some of the examples of the AutoFill in Excel.

How to use AutoFill in Microsoft Excel ?

  • Enter a value 1 in to cell A1 and a value 2 in to the cell A2.
  • Select the cell A1 and A2 and drag the excel fill handle down. The fill handle refers to a small green box found in the lower right side of the selected cells as shown in the screenshot below.
AutoFill in Excel - Excel Tutorial & Tips
  • Once you have dragged the fill handle down , you should see the auto-fill filling the values of other selected range of cells based on the first two cells.
How to use AutoFill in Microsoft Excel ?

Here’s another example to auto fill the dates based on the cells selected in excel.

How to Auto fill Dates in Microsoft Excel ?

  • Enter the date 05/08/2020 in the cell E2.
  • Select the cell E2 and then drag the fill handle down to autofill the days in the worksheet for the selected cells.

How to Auto fill only Weekdays in Excel ?

Note : Excel identifies the format of the column and provides additional options for auto fill. For example , for the date field , you should see options to auto fill Months instead of days or even auto fill only weekdays in excel.