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TODAY function to insert today’s date in Excel

This post explains you how to insert today’s date in your Excel worksheet using the TODAY() function.

If you are looking at inserting today’s date in a cell , one of the best options that you have is to use the TODAY function in Excel.

How to insert today’s date in Excel Worksheet ?

To insert today’s date in Excel , just enter the below formula in a cell


TODAY function updates itself everytime a worksheet is opened or changed in Excel as long as the automatic recalculation is turned on in your Workbook.

Additionally , you can format the value returned by the TODAY() function using the built-in date format.

How to insert today’s date in Excel using Shortcut ?

Select the cell where you want to insert today’s date and use the key board shortcut Ctrl + ; , you should see today’s date in the cell.

Senthil Kumar B
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