Timeline in Excel Pivot Table

In this post, you will learn how to easily filter using the timeline in excel pivot table when using them pivot table in your Excel spreadsheet.

What Is A Timeline In Excel Pivot table?

Timelines are similar to slicers; they allow you to filter your data based on the date fields. So this feature is most useful in involving data with date field in it.

Using timeline, you can easily filter on range of dates by days, months, quarters or years. The dates appear in a horizontal line starting from the oldest to newest from left to right on the timeline.

How to Add a Timeline To a PivotTable?

  • Select the pivot table to which you want to add a timeline.
  • On the options tab in the ribbon, find the Sort and Filter group.
  • Click on the Insert Timeline option.


  • Right click on the field on the field.
  • Click Add as Timeline.

Use a Timeline to filter by time period

You can filter by a time period in one of four time levels years, quarters, months, or days.

Let’s learn how to use the timeline.

  • Click the drop-down arrow on the time level shown, from the drop-down choose the option of your choice.
  • Drag the Timeline scroll bar to the time period you want to analyse.
  • Choose a date range from the period tile.
  • Adjust the date range using the timespan handles.

Use a Timeline with multiple PivotTables

You can use a single Timeline to filter multiple PivotTables, only if the Pivot tables are created from the same datas source.

To connect timeline to multiple tables,

  • Click on the Timeline, and from the options tab in the ribbon click on the Report connections option.
  • Now you can choose the PivotTables you want to include.

How to clear a timeline?

Similar to the slicers, to clear a timeline:

Click the Clear Filter button on the top of the timeline tile.

Customize a timeline

If you have more than one timeline, you can change the timeline style.

To change the style of the timeline,

  • Click on the timeline to display the Timeline Tools.
  • Choose the style of the timeline form the Options tab and click okay.

To change the size of the timeline,

  • Click on the timeline, and drag the sizing handles to the required size.