C# – How to Use the ternary operator in String Interpolation ?

Everwondered how you can use a ternary operator with-in a string interpolation in C#?. This simple tip shows you how you can do it.

Assume that you have a variable isArchitect and you would like to set a text Yes when the value is set with-in the interpolated string.

One of the simplest option is to first use the ternary operator and set the string as shown below.

var architectResult = isArchitect ? " Yes" : "No";
var result = $"{fieldName}{architectResult}";

How to use Ternary Operator in Interpolated String in C# ?

If you need them in the single line with-in the string interpolation, you will need to wrap the condition in parenthesis as shown below.

var result = $"Architect : {(isArchitect ? "yes" : "no")}";

Here’s the complete code snippet demonstrating the usage of ternary operator with-in the interpolation string.

public class Hello {
    public static void Main() {
        var isArchitect = true;
        var result = $"Architect : {(isArchitect ? "yes" : "no")}";