Rulers in PowerPoint

In this post, you will be learning about the Rulers in Microsoft PowerPoint. Also, you will know how to turn on and off the Ruler in PowerPoint.

What is Ruler in PowerPoint?

Rulers in Microsoft PowerPoint authorize you to control the margins of the page. It helps you to view and set tabs and move table borders. It also lines up the objects in the PowerPoint presentation. The two types of rulers are the Horizontal Ruler and the Vertical Ruler.

How to Show or Hide Rulers in PowerPoint?

To show or hide the Rulers in Microsoft PowerPoint, follow the below steps:

  • To get started, go to the View tab in the Microsoft Ribbon.
  • Now, You can check or unckeck the Rulers button from the Show group to turn on or off the Rulers.

You can also use the keyboard commands Shift+Alt+F9 to turn on and off the Rulers in Microsoft Powerpoint.