Distribute Function in PowerPoint

In this tutorial, you will learn about the Distribute Function in Microsoft Powerpoint and how to use them in your presentation.

Sometimes distributing the objects in your presentation may be a challenging task. But, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Microsoft Powerpoint provides you with the Distribute Functions to make your work quick and easy.

Distribute Function

This function allows you to distribute the objects in your presentation evenly. Also, it helps in aligning the objects horizontally and vertically in your slides.

Distributing Objects in Powerpoint Presentation

To align the objects using Distribute Function, follow the upcoming steps:

  • Select the objects that you want to distribute in your slide.
  • Go to the Picture Format tab on the ribbon.
  • Click on the Align Objects icon from the Arrange group.
Distribute Function in PowerPoint
  • Now, you can see the two Distribute functions as Distribute Horizontally and Distribute Vertically.
  • Pick the desired function by clicking on it.
Distribute Function in PowerPoint

The above picture shows the objects distributed horizontally in the Powerpoint Presentation slide when the Distribute Horizontally function is selected.