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Excel Assignment 2 for Nirmala College Students

This assignment will require you to complete the below tasks and save and upload one single .xlsx file with all the tasks in a separate worksheet when submitting the assignment.

Task 1

Read the post on Quick Access Toolbar and add a calculator to your Quick Access toolbar in your Excel Workbook.

Task 2

Learn more about Freeze Panes in Excel by reading these posts

Freeze Panes

Create a new worksheet in the existing workbook and add a little data to demonstrate Freeze top row and top columns in Excel.

Task 3

Use the Find & Select option to search for some text with-in the excel spreadsheet and take screenshot of the search results and insert it as picture in a new worksheet with-in the excel workbook. Use the below article to learn how to use this feature in Excel.

Find & Select in Excel Find Blank Cells in Excel Find & Select - 2 in Excel Find Cells with Data Validation Insert Picture in Excel

Task 4

Create a new worksheet in the existing workbook and show  how to use autofill in excel. Use the below resources to learn about Autofill in Excel.

Auto Fill in Excel Autofill & Dates in Excel Flash Fill in Excel Autofill and Sequence Number

Save all the tasks as a separate worksheet and upload the .xlsx file in the below URL

If you are unable to submit it in the URL above, you can send the assignment to our email address.