Excel Assignment 2 for Nirmala College Students

This assignment will require you to complete the below tasks and save and upload one single .xlsx file with all the tasks in a separate worksheet when submitting the assignment.

Task 1

Read the post on Quick Access Toolbar and add a calculator to your Quick Access toolbar in your Excel Workbook.

Task 2

Learn more about Freeze Panes in Excel by reading these posts

Freeze Panes

Create a new worksheet in the existing workbook and add a little data to demonstrate Freeze top row and top columns in Excel.

Task 3

Use the Find & Select option to search for some text with-in the excel spreadsheet and take screenshot of the search results and insert it as picture in a new worksheet with-in the excel workbook. Use the below article to learn how to use this feature in Excel.

Find & Select in Excel Find Blank Cells in Excel Find & Select - 2 in Excel Find Cells with Data Validation Insert Picture in Excel

Task 4

Create a new worksheet in the existing workbook and show  how to use autofill in excel. Use the below resources to learn about Autofill in Excel.

Auto Fill in Excel Autofill & Dates in Excel Flash Fill in Excel Autofill and Sequence Number

Save all the tasks as a separate worksheet and upload the .xlsx file in the below URL https://developerpublish.com/academy/courses/microsoft-excel/assignments/excel-assignment-2/

If you are unable to submit it in the URL above, you can send the assignment to our email address.