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Completed Two Years in Trivium eSolutions

Dont know how i missed to write about this last week , but just now remembered this when i was goining through my Emails .

I completed 2 years( including my internship) in Trivium eSolutions , Bangalore on November 17 , 2010 .

Well again , there has been lots of learning and the exploration of new things , technologies , meeting new colleagues etc.

The amount of exposure that i got over 2 years has been amazing and travel to germany too to include in my profile ūüôā

I learned and am still learning some technologies that really adds value to my career which includes .NET ( c# , Visual Studio ) , Delphi , SQL Server , Oracle , SAP Business One , Infor and an language called Lj4 .

Keep watching my blog for the Lj4 Programming , i will update it in some time .

It is a nice experience to be part of the Trivium family and i hope i learn more in the coming years here .

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