Top 10 Sentences that Most Programmers Speak

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Below are the list of some the popular sentences that most of the programmers speak in their day to day life.

Popular Sentences that Most Programmers Speak

  • WTF
  • You need to put extra effort.
  • There are 2 things to it.
  • It works in my machine.
  • Give me 10 mins . The fix should be ready.
  • Its not a Bug . Its a feature.
  • Why ?
  • Can you restart the machine ?
  • This code is crap . I have to rewrite the logic.
  • I got some error in my code .
  • It works in android and iOS , it should work the same in Windows too.
  • What browser version are you running?
  • Its the testers responsibility to test the application not the Developers.
  • We will do it.

Are there any other sentences that you observed the programmers speak every day ? . Feel free to share it in the Comments section.

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