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Top 10 Sentences that Most Programmers Speak

Below are the list of some the popular sentences that most of the programmers speak in their day to day life.

Popular Sentences that Most Programmers Speak

  • WTF
  • You need to put extra effort.
  • There are 2 things to it.
  • It works in my machine.
  • Give me 10 mins . The fix should be ready.
  • Its not a Bug . Its a feature.
  • Why ?
  • Can you restart the machine ?
  • This code is crap . I have to rewrite the logic.
  • I got some error in my code .
  • It works in android and iOS , it should work the same in Windows too.
  • What browser version are you running?
  • Its the testers responsibility to test the application not the Developers.
  • We will do it.

Are there any other sentences that you observed the programmers speak every day ? . Feel free to share it in the Comments section.

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