Quality Applications built using Delphi – Skype is one of them

Want to know what are the quality applications built using Delphi ?. In this blog post , we’l start exploring them.

Skype is a software that allows users to make voice , video calls or send text messages over internet. I never realised that the application that i use ( skype ) was developed using Delphi . I found this information in the following links

Here is the further information on the skype .

  • Windows user interface was developed in Pascal using Delphi,
  • Linux version was Developed using C++ with Qt
  • Mac OS X version was written using Objective-C with Cocoa.

That sounds interesting to me too 🙂 .

To confirm this i had to explore more info in the Skype’s Website and found the following

1. Jobs for Delphi Programmer/UI Developer for Windows in Skype

The Job posting states the following

As a software developer, you will belong to our small and very knowledgeable Delphi programming team, responsible for implementing the user interface on Skype for Windows, one of the coolest products in the world today!

You might also find more Developer samples in Delhi from the Skype’s Developer site in using Skype API

So , I also thought that i will list the Applications i have heard / used or using and that have been developed using Delphi as per the list

from Good Quality Applications built with Delphi

Here goes the list

  • MySQL Administrator
  • TuneUp Utilities
  • Inno Setup
  • Skype
  • TOAD – (Tool for Oracle Application Developers) Database development
  • Beyond Compare – Text comparison tool
  • PL/SQL Developer IDE

Some of the other pretigious projects in Delphi include the Winter Olympics 2010 Rings , a control software for Olympic ring logo of Winter Olympics 2010 .