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Programming Language of the Year – Objective-C or C# ?

TIOBE Programming Community Index for November is out and interestingly , TIOBE will be announcing the Language of the year next month . This is specially given to the programming language with the highest ratings increase in last one year .

What is TIOBE Programming Community index ?

“The TIOBE Programming Community index is an indicator of the popularity of programming languages. The index is updated once a month. The ratings are based on the number of skilled engineers worldwide, courses, and third party vendors. The popular search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Baidu are used to calculate the ratings. Observe that the TIOBE index is not about the best programming language or the language in which most lines of code have been written.”

As per the TIOBE , currently Objective-C is leading with +2.79 % and C# with +1.61% delta.

Anything can happen during the last minute like what happened over last few years and all eyes are on the Google’s new Dart language .

Don’t know if these rankings matter . These are just an indication that how popular the language is in terms of various factors TIOBE takes in to consideration and not about which language is best .

Read the Tiobe Index for November , 2011  here

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