3 Years @ Trivium eSolutions

Looked like it was only few months back that i graduated from my college , but the time is running so fast that its nearly 3 years that I am working for a software company . Trivium eSolutions Pvt. Ltd.

I completed 3 years( including my internship) in Trivium eSolutions , Bangalore on November 17 , 2011 .

Although , i am working at a company , still feel like we are in college simply put together our own gang of people ( SAM , Pavan and Me ) who were in college are also in the same company .

This is because Trivium eSolutions regularly visits Christ College for MCA Campus Recruitments and we could see few of seniors , classmates , juniors , sub juniors in the same office …

As said earlier in one of my previous posts last year , its learning , learning and learning all the way on different domains , teams , projects etc …

Oh , I forgot this , we have a formed a Cricket Team too in the office and have started playing in a corporate tournament . 🙂