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Apress Access - New Annual Subscription Service for the Apress Content - Developer Publish

Apress Access – New Annual Subscription Service for the Apress Content

If you are a regular readers of the technical books , Apress is one of the publishers which comes in to our mind .

Apress is one of the popular and authoritive source of knowledge for most of the IT Professionals and software engineers . You will find most of the developers knowing about Apress .

Well , enough of talking about Apress . Why am i talking about Apress now ?

Few days back , Apress had launched “Apress Access” , an interesting program for the book readers .

What is Apress Access ?

Apress Access is an unlimited subscription package to access the Apress content . It provides an unlimited access to more than 900 eBooks of Apress computing and technology titles via web based solution.

You can access Apress Access by just signing in to the Apress account via the browser on your laptop / desktop or smartphone.

If you are one of the regular user of Apress eBooks and purchase it online , Apress Access provides a great relief in terms of the pricing since you can save significantly from this program.


How much does Apress Access cost ?

Apress Access subscription costs $199 per year . If you are a user of the Apress Access then you get an option to download any eBook for just $4.99 for a limited time .

It provides an instant access to each and every Apress eBooks . The browser based app to access the book and read the app is good and works in most of the devices.

Some of the other features includes search functionality within the reader for quick searching the book / chapter and also Bookmark content for later reference.

Know more about Apress Access at http://www.apress.com/subscription/