5 Cool JavaScript IDE’s

Recently, I have started doing some stuffs on jQuery and JavaScript. I primarily use Visual Studio 2010 / Visual Studio 2012 for development and these are great tools for the development.

I was also doing some R&D on the list of few more IDE’s that can specially be used for Web Development with support for JavaScript with Intellisense and syntax colouring support.

In this blog post, I will list out few of the many IDE’s that can be used for the above scenario.

1. Akshell (Development through Passion)

Akshell is an IDE where the developers can create web applications using HTML and JavaScript from their web browser.

You don’t need to download several MB’s of file and then start developing the web application. Akshell supports the latest versions of the Safari, Chrome, or Firefox web browsers.

Know more about Akshell (Development through Passion) @ Akshell’s page

2. Spket

Spket is an IDE that lets you to program easily in Javascript and XML. It is a powerful IDE for Javascript, Yahoo Widget development and comes with some cool features like Intellisense support and syntax highlighting etc.

Know more about Spket at Spket’s product page

3. IxEdit

IxEdit is a Javascript based design tool for web development. The IxEdit lets the web designers to practise DOM scripting easily.

Know more about IxEdit at IxEdit’s product page

4. WebStorm

WebStorm is one of the popular Javascript IDE. The current version of the WebStorm is version 5 and includes the features like Live HTML, JS, and CSS editing and Project-level JS libraries.

Some of the other features of WebStorm includes Code editor with an IQ of its own, Code quality analysis, Transparent VCS integration, Cross-platform experience etc.

Know more about WebStorm at Web Storm’s page

5. Aptana Studio 3

Aptana Studio 3 is an open source web development IDE that lets the developers to quickly build web applications. It covers HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, PHP and Python and includes features like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Code Assist , Deployment Wizard , Integrated Debugger.

Know more about Aptana Studio 3 from Aptana Studio 3’s product page