Collection of JavaScript Compressor Tools

There are plenty of Java compressor tools that are available for web developers which provides good compression rate and is also easy to use.

Collection of JavaScript Compressor Tools

In this blog post, we will list out some of the JavaScript Compressor tools available for developers.

Collection of JavaScript Compressor Tools

Closure Compiler

It is a JavaScript optimizing compiler that parses the JavaScript, analyses and minimizes it. It is uses in many JavaScript apps like Gmail, Google Maps etc.

Know more about Closure Compiler and download here


It is a JavaScript Minifier which removes the comments and the whitespace from the JavaScript files and thus reduces the file size by half.

Know more about JSMin and download here

YUI Compressor

YUI Compressor is another popular JavaScript compressor tool that is uses in many top websites.

Know more about YUI Compressor here


Another JavaScript parser/compressor/beautifier which is developers on NodeJS and works on any JavaScript platform supporting CommonJS module.

Know more about UglifyJS and download here


Another JavaScript compressor which removes whitespaces and comments from JavaScript file, KJScompress is built on top of JavaScript interpreter from KHTML.

Know more about KJScompress here


ShrinkSafe is a JavaScript compressor tool which is based on Rhino, a JavaScript interpreter. It is a Open source project and is available for download from ShrinkSafe webpage