Use Google Search Like a Pro in 8 Easy Steps

In this post, you’ll learn some very interesting tips that lets you to use Google Search like a pro with just 8 easy steps.

Use Google Search Like a Pro in 8 Easy Steps

Google has become an inevitable thing in a common man’s life. And there are a lot of unwanted or distracting information in Google, which makes it bit hard to use.

Use Google Search Like a Pro in 8 Easy Steps

To make it simple, here are eight tips for searching Google like a pro:

1. Using quotation for searching an explicit phrase or group of words will yield a list of pages containing that exact same phrase.

Example: “Vitamin C” 

2. If you want to search multiple or different word, use plus (+) sign between the words.

Example: Typing Exam+stress will lead to pages that contain both the words exam and stress.

3. Limit your search to a single website with the ‘site: command.’

Example: Typing “how to pin Microsft word to task bar” will yield pages only from the website

4. Limit specific words from your search by using a minus sign.

Example: Typing bikes -Honda will restrict any pages with the word Honda on them from showing up in the search results.

5. To search along with synonyms use approximate (~) symbol.

Example: Searching the word ~food will result in the pages containing the word food as well as its synonyms (edibles, etc.).

6. To limit your search to a specific file type, use the filetype: modifier.

Example: Searching for python:pdf will show results with .pdf files related to the python language.

7. Google can also be used as a calculator. Simply type your mathematical expression into the search box and Google will show the answer.

Example #1: Type 5757*7575 which returns the value 43609275

8. To find the dictionary meaning of a word, search the word in Google along with the define command.

Example: Type define:walking and Google will provide the dictionary definition of the word walking.

Google is simply amazing, and to use Google like a pro, follow these simple steps and amaze with your results.