Why Hello World is the first program that most programmers write?

How do you start your first program ? or Have you seen a presenter during the User group meetings or webinars show you how to get started with a particular language/technology by writing a “Hello World” program ?.

I am too one of those programmers who started writing hello world program initially, now this puts me into a puzzle on why Hello World, why not Hello Senthil, or Hello “Something else”.

How did this term come in to picture ?

I did write a Hello World Program recently for starting my Windows Phone 7 Development and I did that to see if it really works and to see if I can compile and execute my first program. That’s it and I see the use of the Hello World program just for that.

I had to search through “Bing” and “Google” for the answer why Hello World is mostly the first program that most beginners/programmers write and ended up in Wikipedia for the answer.

As per the Wiki ,Although small test programs existed from the early days of the programmable computers , the tradition of frequently using the phrase “Hello World” was influenced by an example program in the book “The C Programming Language” where an example from this book displays “hello,world” and was inherited from 1974 Bell Laboratories internal memorandum by Brian Kernighan , Programming in C .

Looks like the developers kept on following trend …

So why not change the trend ? 🙂 .Say “Hello and then your name”…

When you write a Hello World program , you might not impress others but just yourself . Hopefully when your girl friend is around , write “Hello <girlfriend name> , atleast it might impress her lol 🙂 . Just kidding …