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First Certification Exam – MCTS 70-536.

After 2 Months of preparation for Microsoft Certification Exam , i finally got the opportunity to take up the Exam that too a free voucher from Microsoft Student Partners and cleared it in the first attempt.The Exam is none other than MCTS 070-536 ( Application Foundation ) ,the first exam of the .NET Series of Visual Studio 005 and 2008.The only Study material that i depended on was the Self-Training kit for MCTS 70-536 and it was very good too with a clear idea of what is expected of the Exam with the exceptions of few Mistakes.

The Exam Voucher i got was a Gift from MSP‘s for one of My blog entry and have still more left to take up the same.Inorder to pass the Test, u need to score 700 or More out of 1000..The Questions were very simple ( may be i might be lucky to get the easy one’s).I am waiting to receive my certificate / email from the Microsoft guys.

How i prepared :

It was a bit tough time for me handling My Intern Work doing projects with other technologies as well as simultaneously spend atleast 1-2 hours preparing for the technology the more i Like. 🙂 .

I picked up the MCTS 70-536 Application Foundation self training Kit and covered almost every chapter in it though left few stuffs because of over head transmission.

Like I said above, it was much easy then I thought it would be.The software was a bit slow, but for the most part it was ok. You do get to choose your language of preference (C#, VB or C++).

I was also happy for the fact that questions were from what i was strong and was prepared with.