97 Things that Every Programmer must know

Just a few months back, I completed reading the book “97 Things Every Programmer Should Know” from O’REILLY. This book has become one of my all-time favorites already.

This book is a collection of tips or advice from various programming gurus covering a lot of things like coding style, customer handling, version control with each chapter of about 1-2 pages.

The book tips will certainly help the developers to know more.

Here are few of my favourite one’s that i am highlighting from the Book .

Automate Your Coding Standard by Filip van Laenen

There exists a wealth of tools that can be used to produce code quality reports and to document and maintain the coding standard, but that isn’t the whole solution. It should be automated and enforced where possible.

Code in the Language of the Domain by Dan North

Dan North explains programmers understanding how to write good code and readable for others. The programmer who comes along a few months later to work on the code will thank you.

Before You Refactor by Rajith Attapattu

Avoid the temptation to rewrite everything. It is best to reuse as much code as possible. …

Continuous Learning

Some employers are generous enough to provide training to broaden your skill set. Others may not be able to spare the time or money for any training at all. To play it safe, you need to take responsibility for your own education.

Hard Work Does Not Pay Off by Olve Maudal

As a professional programmer, you must keep yourself updated in your field of expertise—just as brain surgeons and pilots are expected to keep themselves up to date in their own fields of expertise. You need to spend evenings, weekends, and holidays educating yourself; therefore, you cannot spend your evenings, weekends, and holidays working overtime on your current project. Do you really expect brain surgeons to perform surgery 60 hours a week, or pilots to fly 60 hours a week? Of course not: preparation and education are an essential part of their profession.

Dont’ Just Learn the Language, Understand Its Culture by Anders Norsa

It takes more than just learning the syntax to learn a language: you need to understand its culture. … Once you’ve learned the ropes of a new language, you’ll be surprised how you’ll start using languages you already know in new ways.

Fulfill Your Ambitions with Open Source by Richard Monson-Haefel

Chances are pretty good that you are not developing software at work that fulfills your most ambitious software development daydreams. Perhaps you are developing software for a huge insurance company when you would rather be working at Google, Apple, Microsoft, or your own startup developing the next big thing. You’ll never get where you want to go developing software for systems you don’t care about.
Fortunately, there is an answer to your problem: open source

     Very Good suggestion .. Infact this one is my favourite ..

The topics in the book are not specific to any programming language. Its a general topic that every programmer can read.

The contributions appearing in the book can also be found from Contributions Appearing in the Book