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Uno Reverse Card – What is it ?

UNO Reverse Card is a playing card in the UNO game which helps the players to reverse the order of turns and is generally used for a player for comeback.

This card reverses the direction of play. The play to the left now passes to the right and vice versa.If this card is turned up at the beginning of the play, then the player to the right now plays first and then the play goes to the right instead of left. This card may only be played on a matching color or another reverse card.

How did UNO Reverse Card Originate?

  • It was in April 18,2018 that one of the user of Urban Dictionary defined the UNO reverse card as “upgraded no u” by providing an example of “Me:insults my friend. My friend:pulls out uno reverse card. Me: dies”. Initially the definition resulted in few likes and dislikes.
  • On May 2018, One of the Imgur user had uploaded a photoshopped version of an UNO card that reads “No U” which started trending a bit.
Uno Reverse Card - What is it ?
  • Later in the Year 2018, subreddit r/UnoReverse was launched successfully with the community description “For those moments/conversations where someone is destroyed by a metaphorical Uno reverse card.” which has 600+ users currently.
  • Later in May, 2019, one of the Reddit user uploaded an image that compares No U to UNO reverse. This image had garnerd plenty of upvotes with-in a month and helped with the reach of Uno Reverse Card.

The Uno reverse card is considered as an legend card and this one is included in almost every version of the Uno card game. It has also become so famous that there were lot of memes on it.

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