Collection of Indie Game Development Tools

This article will list some of the Indie Game Development Tools which can be used by the developers to create amazing games quickly for various platforms.

There are various tools and development environment available for developers to create amazing games . In this article , we will list out few of the tools available for the developers to create games.

Collection of Indie Game Development Tools

1. Game Maker

GameMaker offers the developers with the drag and drop interface for rapid design of the game , features and graphics . It also includes a fully features IDE(Integrated Development Environment) along with the built in scripting language like GML – GameMaker Language.

GameMaker currently support the Windows and Mac platforms . GameMaker comes in 2 versions GameMaker full version and GameMaker Lite.

Know more about GameMaker and Download GameMaker 8.2 full version trial here

2. Unity

Unity is another popular game development environment which supports the Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox360, Wii, PS3, iOS, Android platforms. The current version of Unity is Unity 4.1 .

Know more about Unity and download Unity 4.1 here

3. UnReal Development Kit (UDK)

UnReal Development Kit popularly known as UDK is the free edition of Unreal Engine 3 and lets the developers create games on the Windows and iOS platforms

Know more about UnReal Development Kit (UDK) and download UDL here

4. Craft Studio

CraftStudio is a platform to create games and interactive movies and real world simulations . Craft Studio currently supports Windows and Mac platforms.

Know more about Craft Studio and download Craft Studio here

5. Construct

Construct is a another game maker for Windows that lets everyone to create amazing games effortlessly. It lets the developers to publich to iOS , Android , Facebook , Chrome Web Store , Windows 8 Apps and HTML5.

Know more about Construct and try Construct here

6. Torque 3D

Torque 3D is a opensource engine built on top of the popular Torque Game Engine Advanced . Torque 3D comes with complete set of tools that allows the developers and game designers to create high quality games and simulations.

Know more about Torque 3D and download Torque 3D here

7. Stencyl

Want to build an amazing cross platform games without code ? If yes , here’s a tool for it . Stencyl adapts the Design Once , Play Anywhere concept where the app could be published to iOS, Android, Flash, HTML5, Windows and Mac.

Know more about Stencyl and download Stencyl here