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C# Program to Find the Cube Root of a Number

This C# program calculates the cube root of a given number using the Newton-Raphson method for approximating cube roots.

Problem statement

You need to develop a program that takes a number as input and calculates its cube root accurately.

C# Program to Find the Cube Root of a Number

using System;

namespace CubeRootCalculator
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Console.WriteLine("Cube Root Calculator");
            Console.WriteLine("This program calculates the cube root of a number.");

            // Input
            Console.Write("Enter a number: ");
            double inputNumber;
            if (double.TryParse(Console.ReadLine(), out inputNumber))
                // Calculate cube root
                double cubeRoot = CalculateCubeRoot(inputNumber);

                // Output
                Console.WriteLine($"The cube root of {inputNumber} is approximately {cubeRoot:F6}");
                Console.WriteLine("Invalid input. Please enter a valid number.");

        // Function to calculate cube root using Newton-Raphson method
        static double CalculateCubeRoot(double number)
            double guess = number / 3.0; // Initial guess
            double tolerance = 1e-6;    // Tolerance for approximation

            while (Math.Abs(guess * guess * guess - number) > tolerance)
                guess = (2.0 * guess + number / (guess * guess)) / 3.0; // Newton-Raphson formula

            return guess;

How it works

  1. The program asks the user to enter a number.
  2. It validates the input to ensure it is a valid numerical value.
  3. If the input is valid, the program calls the CalculateCubeRoot function to calculate the cube root.
  4. The CalculateCubeRoot function uses the Newton-Raphson method to approximate the cube root.
  5. It iteratively refines the guess until the approximation is within a specified tolerance (1e-6 in this case).
  6. The calculated cube root is displayed as the output.

Input / output


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