8 Interesting Features in Windows Phone 8

Microsoft had launched the Windows Phone 8 few days back where some of the Windows Phone 8 devices like Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820, and HTC Windows Phone 8 X, HTC Windows Phone 8S and Samsung Ativ S were shown.

So, what’s new in Windows Phone 8?

Below are some of the features in Windows Phone 8.

1. Live Tiles

Live Tiles was one of the most noticeable feature in Windows Phone right from the announcement of Windows Phone 7. The Windows Phone 8 additionally offers the users to choose the sizes from the 3 predefined sizes for the Live Tile in the Windows Phone 8 start screen. This feature provides a better customization option in Windows Phone 8 when compared with the Windows Phone 7.5

2. Screen Resolutions

Windows Phone 8 supports additional screen resolutions like 1280×720 and 1280×768 resolutions.

3. Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10 is now included in the Windows Phone 8.

4. Live App Updates

In Windows Phone 8, you can now configure the app for displaying the updates in the lock screen.

5. Native code support

Native Code Support for C and C++

6. Rooms

This is an interesting feature in Windows Phone 8 where you can invite your friends to a chat room and share messages, photos, videos calendars etc.

7. Kid’s Corner

Another interesting feature that is included in Windows Phone 8 where the parents can setup a special kind of mode for the kids to use their Windows Phone where the kid can have their own start screen, tiles etc. This provides the parents more control on what applications and files the kids can view on their Windows Phone.

8. Excellent Hardware features

Support for Improved Hardware features like high resolution displays, dual core and multi core processors, microSD card support, NFC support etc. and Nokia map technology.

There are so many other features that is part of Windows Phone 8 and we have listed only 8 of them. We will try to cover these features as well as other features in the upcoming posts.