Is Self-Learning Essential in Software Field?

There are times when you see people taking up various courses at training institute or even attend various conferences to get to know more things about the technologies that they work on .

There are few people who do the learning by themselves.

Is Self-Learning Essential especially in the software field?

In my opinion, self-learning is definitely essential for developers. As a developer, each one is responsible for their professional growth.

Self-learning is one of the efficient way to teach oneself about the technologies. Reading books, blogs, articles etc. are some of the typical ways to keep oneself engaged and learn better.

Taking up course or attending conferences definitely makes oneself learn and in fact provides pointers to learning key things but ultimately trying out things that was taught in a conference or class has to be done by the individual to learn better.

Self-learning makes you more independent where you learn things and apply them in practical use.

Do you always require someone to teach you everytime to learn things? Or do you feel Self learning is absolutely necessary?

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