TechAdsNetwork – AdNetwork for Programming and Technology Bloggers

If you are blogger writing about programming or software development and looking to monetize your blog, here’s TechAdsNetwork to give a try.

In one of my earlier blogs , I wrote about the “Top 2 Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogs targeting Microsoft Technologies” and now TechAdsNetwork can be easily be included in this list as well.

TechAdsNetwork was founded in the year 2012 and currently includes good number of vendor and tag formats which the bloggers can utilize for monetizing their blogs.

Although, TechAdsNetwork works on Pay per Click Model with good CPC rate, there are other options to monetize with TechAdsNetwork as well. This includes the TechAdsNetwork marketplace where the publishers can provides the list of ad formats that the website supports includes reviews etc. which the advertiser can search for it and the buy them.

Check  TechAdsNetwork for more information about the AdNetwork, supported ad formats and features.