Getting started with Windows Phone Development in F#

Just found this nice template that helps to start the Windows Phone 7 Development in F# in the Visual Studio Gallery

The template was created by Daniel Mohl

To Install and use the template , follow the steps as described below

  • In Visual Studio 2010, navigate to Tools – > Extension Manager -> Online Gallery and search for the term “F# and C# Win
  • Once the Templates are installed , you might see the installed templated are highlighted
  • Now , we are ready to kick start the Windows Phone 7 Development in F#. Go to File – > New Project – > F# – >WP7 , and you would see the templates to select for the Windows Phone 7 Project .Let us select F# and C# Windows Phone Application (Silverlight) .
  • Here’s the look of the Application in F# with a simple page ( after adding my custom text to the form )  in Emulator .

There are some Prerequisites to use the template

  • Visual Studio 2010 Professional.
  • Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta < Link >
  • Templates for Windows Phone 7 and F# to be installed from Visual Studio Gallery