Never Write a .NET Code ??.

I was reading through a Blog article written by Glyn Moody .

This talks about the interview with Richard Stallman and talks about the Microsoft’s patents , Open Source Implementations ( Mono , DotGNU’s-Portable.NET) .

I thought i put across my views on few points that were mentioned in the blog post .This one has nothing to do with the comparison of .NET with other languages

So , Here’s my views .

Richard Stallman mentioned that – “But as part of Microsoft’s general loss of leadership, .NET never took off in the way that some feared.”

.NET never took off ????? That seems like a small Joke 🙂

Most of the Microsoft Developers would already be knowing the amount of growth .NET had from its initial launch .

.NET is just around for 8+ Years and see the amount of efforts being put in to it to reach the C# 4.0 version with the Visual Studio 2010.

“You shouldn’t write software to use .NET. No exceptions.”

Was that meant for the OpenSource Implementation ( Mono ) or for .NET .

The amount of time taken to develop an Application in .NET is much lesser than any other languages . I understand that Mono / Opensource implementation is free both price as well as sourcecode , but will one get the same flexibility and features like the Microsoft’s .NET .??

The rest of the article seems to talk about the patents / Opensource and looks great though.