Novell ‘s .Net App Development on Android using Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Mono

Yesterday , Novell had released Mono for Android which is one of the first solution for developing Microsoft’s .NET Application for Android platform using Microsoft Visual Studio .

Mono is a open source .NET implementation project and with the Mono for Android to its existing Mono development tools , Novell is enabling Microsoft .NET and C# developers using Visual Studio to utilize some common code base to easily create apps for mobile devices including Android devices , Apple ipads , iphone and iPod .

Looks like the idea of giving the .NET Developers the same IDE which is mostly preferred by .NET developers and also use the existing .NET skills to create Android Mobile Apps provide much benefit to both .NET developers as well as the quality of the Apps too ( It might depend on the developers too sometimes :))

Mono for Android consists of the following

  • Mono runtime
  • Bindings for native Android API’s
  • Visual Studio 2010 Plugins for ANdroid Development
  • SDK to build , debug and deploy the Apps .

Mono for Android Entreprise Edition and Professional Edition can be bought through . Note the price of the Enterprise and the developer edition which is mentioned in the Novell site

4 thoughts on “Novell ‘s .Net App Development on Android using Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Mono

  1. Why in hell would I want to buy a tool to develop for Android when I can download Eclipse for free? Seriously, is there any advantage other than using a programming language you fancy?

  2. The advantage of this feature is that if you already have a license on VS and have much experience in C# – you can make helpful applications even for your cell phone (in case if you use Android)

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