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TBILLPRICE Function in Excel

In this post, let’s learn how the TBILLPRICE Function works in excel, describes the formula syntax, and how you can use the TBILLPRICE Function in your excel spreadsheet

What is TBILLPRICE Function in Excel? 

The TBILLPRICE Function in an Excel spreadsheet is employed to return the price per 100 face value for a treasury bill. 


=TBILLPRICE (settlement, maturity, discount) 


  • Settlement– T-bill’s settlement date. (Required) 
  • Maturity– T-bill’s maturity date. (Required) 
  • Discount– T-bill’s discount rate. (Required) 




How to use TBILLPRICE Function in Excel? 

The following steps will explain the work of the TBILLPRICE Function in Excel spreadsheet

  • First, prepare an excel spreadsheet with the specified details in it, or open an existing file. 
  • To perform the TBILLPRICE Function you need the parameters described in the description. 
  • Enter those values in cells and enter the command TBILLPRICE followed by the “=” operator within the parenthesis enter the parameters. 
How to use TBILLPRICE Function in Excel?