My Point of View on Why Programmers Are Bad at Estimating Times

I was reading an article on “Programmer Time Translation Cheat sheet -or- Why Programmers Are Bad at Estimating Times” written by Anders Abel.

An excellent and well written blog post by Anders Abel that provides an insights of the Estimation made by Programmers.

The translation table from Anders Abel gives an idea of an estimate and how the Programmers thinks and what the programmer has forgot.

The translation table almost provides what a normal programmer would do when estimating and infact relates to me perfectly specially on the What the Programmer Thinks.

I remember that I have told few statements that is mentioned by Anders when providing an estimate …,

I realize now what kind of mistakes I made and will try to improve upon. Everyone makes a mistake isn’t it? What’s more important is how one accepts it and avoids the same next time.

The time estimation is definitely difficult and every time, a person cannot provide an exact estimate for a task.

Yes, it’s true that every Programmer should learn to estimate and provide an estimate to your Colleagues or Project Managers which in turn provides them an accurate idea of the time and other possible resources required to complete the task.

Sometimes, the past estimates provided by you to your managers or peers may help you to judge on how accurate your estimates were and how your future estimates could be.

Simply put together, When estimating a task, follow the below points 🙂

Discuss, Analyse, Negotiate, Target and Commitment