What is Your Favourite Visual Studio Colour scheme?

Do you use the default standard color scheme provided by Visual Studio ? or do you have any favourite color scheme that you like in Visual Studio.

Well , each Developer may have their own choice of selecting the color scheme . I preferred the Default Vanilla scheme and ended up using them mostly .

I had the option of using Themes for Visual Studio 2010 and ended up customizing my own colors for Visual Studio in the Themes .

But apart from the default color scheme , i liked the “Coding Instinct Theme” color scheme which has the slight grey background .

The Coding Instinct Color scheme is somewhat refreshing than the default scheme and more readable too .

So what’s in your mind ? . What is your favourite color scheme  .

What is your favourite Visual Studio colour scheme?

Vote for your favourite color scheme in the Microsoft MSDN UK’S Blog which includes

  • Out of the Box vanilla
  • Dark text on light backgrounds
  • Light text on dark backgrounds
  • Bright Coloured text on dark backgrounds
  • Bright Coloured text on white backgrounds
  • Bright Backgrounds
  • I didn’t know you could customise Visual Studio colours

You can find more interesting color schemes and download them here