My Blog is seriously attracting visitors. What’s next?

We were in a campus recruitment program today and i was happy hear a statement from my manager that there were few students who answered that they knew something about the company via my blog when my manager asked them a question something like “Do you Know about the company”?

I really don’t know what students answered for the simple reason that i was not there when the discussion / Interview happened but all that i can say is my blog is seriously getting visitors .

I see this as a more search engine visitors because of the SEO optimizations and using the right keywords which i have been trying to implement in my blog for quite some time.

People get to know completely about the company via my Blog? To an extent yes . But a company’s homepage or website provides more info about the company. It is not a company blog. It’s just my personal blog where i share stuffs that i do every day and mostly Microsoft Technologies / Programming related and sometimes my experiences too. I just share my thoughts and in most cases of myself and my interests .

Sometimes it happens that the keywords are perfect enough for Google to index it and display it in the first page of the search results and in most of the cases it is happening and one of them being the name of my company .

Here’s are some of the Blog topics that relates to the keyword of my company name in my blog

There are other facts too that explains the title of the blog post like the visitors via Search Engines , RSS Subscribers , Link Building etc. …

of late, i have been writing more programming related stuffs on Windows Phone 7 in my blog which i am planning to move it to a different domain ( and planning bring this blog again to write about general .NET stuffs and my other opinions .With such a tough schedule in the moment, You could expect DotnetNuke tutorial series in the coming month once i get myself free with some holidays 🙂