Reinventing the wheel . What does that mean ?

Sometimes or in fact most of the time, it happens that we try to fix the same issue or problem again and again or in fact try to do a task or provide a solution in similar lines for the solution that already exists.

Well, it might sound like a bad habit isn’t it?

What’s the main cause of this? Ignorance?

Every software Engineer or Developer wants to do his best to provide a solution for a problem as possible but due to various reasons it happens that the solutions are a kind of “Reinventing the Wheel”.

This includes me too. I realised it when trying to do something for my new website on windows phone using DotnetNuke and .NET Framework to which the solution already exists.

I would say the main reason for this could be the lack of knowledge.

I am pretty sure that there might me more people out there who do things and later realize that there exists a better and simple  solution already provided by someone else .

Just to wind up , When thinking about solving something , make sure you find out if any similar and better solution already exists . This doesn’t come up so easy. It requires lot of learning, reading from various sources.

But Does that work always?

Sometimes Reinventing the wheel might work though especially when you want to learn something , but you can more when you already know the solution exists and adapt them accordingly isn’t it ?