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Azure Tip #2 – Learn Azure with Free Sandbox Subscription

Are you one of those users still learning Microsoft Azure and afraid that you will be charged on your Creditcard for using Microsoft Azure during the time when you are learning ?

If yes , Microsoft Learn provides a solution for the issue.

How to use Microsoft Azure Subscription for Learning without using Creditcard ?

Microsoft Learn provides a free sandbox or dedicated subscription that you can use to the complete the course in MIcrosoft Learn and complete the course.

Currently , Microsoft provides 10 sandboxes for each day which lasts for 4 hours each.

Microsoft describes sandbox subscription as

“sandbox gives you access to Azure resources. Your Azure subscription will not be charged. The sandbox may only be used to complete training on Microsoft Learn. Use for any other reason is prohibited, and may result in permanent loss of access to the sandbox.”

You can activate the subscription form any chapters in the Microsoft docs

For example ,

When you login to the Azure portal with your login that you used for activation , you should see the subscription active in your account