LJ4 – The Language that you wouldn’t have heard of

It was just a month back that I came across this language called “Lj4” and was a bit surprised to hear about this language for the first time .

I got a chance to know about the language when i was exploring Infor ERP .I am sure that there are many developers who might not be aware of this language too ..

Whats surprising is that just Google “Lj4” , and u might not even get a single result related to what i was looking for but instead one gets the links related to the LJ4 Printers , HP etc ..

You might get some info or links of Lj4 like Comprehensive Framework for Mobile ERP System (IEEE) and some companies implementing Infor :COM etc.

I couldn’t see the language even in the Wiki too .

So how did i get started with the Lj4 without any help from google search ?? . Guess what? , there is a little documentation from Infor about this language . just little ..

Now , getting back to the language .

The Infor ERP COM was converted to  Windows compliant GUI starting and was written in the Lj4 .The new functions was added to the existing language “Ljapunow” and was called as Lj4 based on 4GL.

Lj4 is closely related to other 4GL languages like Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) ..

So , syntax wise when i saw the Lj4 source code , i was able to read it better since i knew a bit of VB too 🙂

What is the Development Environment for Lj4 ??

If a Infor ERP COM is installed on the machine , one can start the Lj4 Development by starting the Infor Dialog Manager .

Infor ERP COM Dialog Manager is an IDE for Infor ERP COM. One can customize the objects in infor of a customer’s machine using the Infor Dialog Manager .
The Data in Infor can be accessed via a set-oriented interface called VQL ( Versatile Query Language ) somewhat similar to SQL but works differently .

I know there is nothing in Depth of Lj4 being addressed in this blog post , but the intention of this post was just to make myself and my visitors aware of this language .

What are the other languages that you are aware of ?? .

Check the Wiki link for the list of the programming languages