Fix for Visual Studio 2010 – Hangs when debugging ASP.Net 3.5 Web application

Joel Varty , in his blog highlights fix for the users of Visual Studio 2010 who have problems with the IDE that hangs when debugging ASP.NET 3.5 applications.

The Bug information can be found in the Microsoft’s Connect site .

The Description of the Bug from the site posted by the user is

“When I try to debug an upgraded Asp.Net Website or Web Application Project (using IIS as web server), the VS 2010 IDE freezes.”

“NOTE: If I kill the vs 2010 exe in task manager and restart IIS, I can debug once or twice, but after that it will freeze again. “

It seems that 21 users were able to reproduce the bug and 3 workaround are available for this like

  • Restarting the IIS
  • Changing the target platform to .NET 4.0 etc.