Evaluating NDepend Professional

NDepend is a Visual Studio Add-In / extension that helps the developers to analyze code and achieve high quality Code .

NDepend uses a number of Code Metrics and provides the data with Visual Graphs , Charts and Tree Maps .

I should thank Patrick Smacchia for providing me the opportunity to try the licensed version of NDepend and share my experiences both positive and Negative 🙂

I just got the NDepend Professional and installed it and will write about the Installation process in the upcoming posts .

The NDepend installation was very simple . NDepend uses the XCopy deployment to install . I was wondering why the Installation Program was not used for installing the NDepend .

However XCopy process was very simple with just copying the Application files and the license key (xml file ) to the same folder .

Evaluating NDepend Professional
Evaluating NDepend Professional

A very simple installation process though which I will explain in the coming posts …

I will also try to play around with NDepend to analyze my free Windows Phone App “Number Converter for Windows phone ” and write about the features in the future posts