Useful jQuery Plugins

The jQuery plugins helps the Web developers to improve the UX in their web applications . There are plenty of frameworks and jQuert plugins available in the IT market and below are some of the useful jQuery plugins.

Useful jQuery Plugins

Image Cropper

A simple jQuery plugin for image cropping.

3D Grid Effect

3D Grid Effect is a plugin to create a 3D Effect for an Grid item.


multiScroll.js is a jQuery plugin to create multi scrolling sites with 2 vertical layouts.


PgwSlider is a fully responsive slider for jQuery / Zepto and supports all browsers and SEO compaint as well.


Transit is a super smooth CSS  transitions and transformations for jQuery.


Headhesive.js lets the web developers create on-demand sticky header .


slick is a plugin which brings in the carousel effect.


RowGrid.js is a simple ,  small and lightweight jQuery plugin for placing items in straight rows.

Vibration API

An API specially made for mobile devices that lets the developers to vibrate a device for a given duration.

jQuery Tilted Page Scroll

This plugin lets the web developers to create a 3D tilted scroll effect.

Have you come across any other interesting jQuery plugins ? . Feel free to share them in the comment section.