Listening to Music when Programming

Well , its been long time that i did it . Yes , its listening to the Music when i do Programming . I forgot how i missed that … Just got to remember it when talking to a friend about listening to songs when working …

Don’t know if it is good or bad . But , yes looks like i need to bring this habit . With too many task switching over last few weeks , i think it would be nice to get the flow between tasks and programming isn’t it ? .

Coming to the question .Does the Music or songs influence the code or programming ?

Not sure , but it really depends on different programmers . I know few people who are good at programming when working in total silent and few  who talk to themselved when programming or solving ( like me ) and programmers who code nothing 🙂 lol . I was just kidding  …

When Programmers listen to Music when programming , what kind of music do they listen to …?

For solving a simple solution or straight forward code , i sometime prefer soft songs , but always go for a folk song ..These kind of fast / folk songs can bring in some kind of energy which u can feel only when programming 🙂

This works out better when trying to code for a straight forward solution and doing the routine work again and again but when programming to a complex problem , will it always work out ?.

The music definitely helps me avoid distrations and help me to focus on my code .

What kind of music to do you listen to when programming ?. Share with us your experience on listening to music when programming by commenting below .


10 thoughts on “Listening to Music when Programming

  1. If I’m doing a lot of heavy thinking, silence is the way to go. After I get a design, and I know exactly what I want to do, music is nice. Indie rock, jazz, or classical. It depends how I’m feeling.

  2. Yeah its amazing to hear what people listen to when working. My preference is something that is complex yet organised. My picks of the litter are electronic music to dubstep, and a mix of classic rock as well…

    I’m sure they have studies on certain beats and how they affect your brainz.

  3. Julián Duque (@julian_duque) August 30, 2011 at 3:59 am - Reply

    I’m only productive when listening music and Metal (Black / Death) is the music that works for me!

  4. It depends where am i in my dev.
    If i need to piss a lot of line with no particular hard stuff a good rock’n’roll
    If i’m on something hard classical music

    If i’ve succeed something i’m proud of :

  5. I prefer the absolute silence or in some case my favourite music{even if this were metal, rock, classic, electronic, jazz, salsa} but my favourites sounds good.

  6. Well, I listen to rock. It just gives you energy. But what about drinking while programming. What do they call it? Ballmer’s peak? I heard it can increase your programming skills.

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