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How to Message Yourself on WhatsApp?

In this post, let’s seen an hack or an feature in WhatsApp that lets you to message Yourself.

Can you message yourself on WhatsApp ?. Yes, it is possible. Why such feature exists, no one knows but may be some use cases like keeping notes etc but it is possible in WhatsApp.

How to Message Yourself on WhatsApp?

  • Open a new chat by tapping on the new message button at the top right of WhatsApp’s home page to send yourself a message.
  • You will see your name in the top of the list from the contacts with (you) as suffix.
  • Just tap on your name and start messaging to yourself in WhatsApp 😉

If you don’t see this option, the first thing you must do is add your phone number in the Contacts app. You should see the option to message yourself after a delay.  You can now simply tap on the contact in WhatsApp and message yourself.

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