How to add Language Input Source in Mac ?

If you need more input source language in Mac , you need to add it manually because by default Mac installs the language that you choose when you setup the system initially.

In this blog post , we will list out steps on how to add language input source in Mac within the settings screen.

How to add Language Input Source in Mac ?

1. Click the Apple login which can be found in the top left corner of the screen and select “System Preferences” from the menu option.

2. In the System Preferences window , select “Keyboard” which is generally found in the second row.

3. This screen should display 4 tabs which includes Keyboard , Text , Shortcuts , Input Sources . Select the tab “Keyboard”.

4. Select the language in the left sidebar and select the input source in the content pane on the right and click the “Add” button. This would display the keyboard layout preview as well.

You can now switch between the input language by using the shortcut key Command + Space bar.