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Google Reader Alternatives

Last week , Google had announced that they will be retiring Google Reader from July 1 , 2013. Google Reader is one of the most popular RSS reader application .

I have been using Google Reader for quite some time and this was a shocking news for most of the Google Reader users specially the webmasters.

What are the alternatives available to Google Reader ?. In this blog post , we will explore few Google Reader alternatives .

Google Reader Alternatives

The Old Reader

The Old Reader is one of the simple RSS reader and a excellent choice for the RSS reader specially for the users who want the similar look and feel of Google Reader. Some of the Google Reader keyboard shortcuts too work well in the Old Reader .

Download The Old Reader from the Old Reader page


NetVibes is another good Google Reader alternative which is available in different versions like NetVibes for Individuals(free) and NetVibes for Enterprise.

Know more about NetVibes here


Strymr is an awesome web based RSS reader with intuitive user interface as well as support for excerpts and thumbnails.

Download Strymr here


Are you looking for a RSS Reader App for various mobile devices and smartphone like BlackBerry , Apple iPhone and iPad , Android etc ? Taptu is one of the option for you .

Taptu works on most of the Mobile platforms and is one of the good alternatives for Google Reader.

Know more about Taptu and Download Taptu here

The above list is only few of Google Reader alternatives . There are plenty of other alternatives for Google Reader available . If you are using any interesting Google Reader alternatives , feel free to share it in the comments section.

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