5 Ways to Find the Name of the song

In this post, you’ll learn about different ways in which you can find the name of the song.

Have you ever struggled in finding the name of the song that you were humming in your mind? Remembering all the rhythms of the song but still finding it difficult to name the song. Then this article is for you. This is all you need to do to find the name of your favorite song. Here are the top 5 Ways to Find the Name of the song

5 Ways to Find the Name of the song

1. Shazam

The most famous and easiest way of finding the song is using the Shazam app. Tap Shazam and it will listen in to whatever song is playing around you. Shazam will listen to the song or the music of the song and provide you with all the relevant info about the song. It provides you with the relevant YouTube link or the payment link for the respective track.  Shazam is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and practically every other platform.

Visit Website: https://www.shazam.com/

2. SoundHound

SoundHound is like the much-advanced version of the Shazam app. It was previously known as a musical search engine named Midomi. The search option is similar to that of Shazam. Even when you forget the lyrics of the song, you can hum it or sing its tune into SoundHound and it will identify the song. It is almost accurate

Similar to the leading voice assistant like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, when you say “OK Hound, what song is this?” and the app’s voice controls will take over.

It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Visit Website: https://www.soundhound.com/

3. Google Sound Search

Google Sound Search, a familiar option in the pixel phone.

It listens to the song and matches it with a database and lets you know the artist and title. Google’s key feature is that it is always-on. At any time Google would display what song was playing as it was already listening.

“What song is playing?” question this on your Android phone, Google Home, or any of your Google Assistant-enabled devices and it will give you the answer.

Visit website: https://assistant.google.com/services/a/uid/00000024216d4bb8?hl=en-US

4. Ask Siri or Alexa

Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa can provide you the results you searched for. Just call out to either Siri or Alexa, it will listen in and let you know what they’re hearing. It is as easy and quick to use these for your song search.

Visit Website: https://support.apple.com/en-in/siri#:~:text=First%2C%20get%20Siri’s%20attention,by%20simply%20pressing%20a%20button.

5. Genius or Google Search

This has been marked as the most accurate way to find out what song you’re listening to. Open either the song lyrics website Genius or just go to Google search and search in with a simple line from the lyrics of the song you hearing. You’ll get the track details you were looking for. Always put your lyrics in quotations in a google search so that Google only looks for that exact data.

Visit website: https://genius.com/Song-finder-blank-space-lyrics

Are there any other software applications that you use to find the name of the song?. Feel free to leave them in the comments section.