Windows Phone 7 – Lacks something , Expecting more from WP7

Recently , I was reading through the Windows Phone 7 numbers from one of the blog post “A Year Later–The Windows Phone 7 Numbers That Matter” from The Windows Phone Developer Blog .

It is indeed nice to see the numbers of Windows Phone 7 to be promising like the following

  • 1.5 Million downloads of the Windows Phone Developer tools like Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone and Expression Blend .
  • Around 36,000 members in the AppHub and With over 11,500 apps , yes it looks fantastic .

But there are many things that still needs to be done for Windows Phone 7 both for the Developers as well as the End Users .

Here are list of things i expect very soon from the Windows Phone 7 .

1. Have any tried sharing the contact number in Windows Phone 7 . Suppose if you need to send the contact number along with its name through SMS or share the Business Card from your Windows Phone to other Mobiles .

How would you do ? Why don’t the API allow the developers to access the entire Contacts Object instead of just the Phone Number or Email Address .

I have started working on the App to share the Contacts / BusinessCard via SMS and still see somethings missing for the Developers to access .

Not just this , i am looking  forward for more updates to the Developer API frequently which could make sure that quality and more usable Apps can be built for the users .

2. What difference does all this statistics indicate ? Does the statistics say that the phone is better than “X” or “Y” with just the stats ? , To an extent it may indicate the growth of the phone though .

3. The Marketplace availability to different countries should be transparent . India , one of the big markets for mobiles as well as the country that has huge Technology resources still dont see the official launch of the Windows Phone 7 and the marketplace .

4. When i say Windows Phone 7 , people still dont believe that WP7 had better touch experience and still relate to Windows Mobile 6 which is indicative of how the WP7 lacks marketing and publicity atleast in India .

I know that the number of App is quite good in the marketplace , but how many of these Apps are really useful ?

Most of the Apps are very much similar in nature 🙁 . Microsoft should encourage more innovative App by providing more access to the API .

Being a serious Windows Phone 7 guy , i am just keeping my fingers crossed to see more announcement from Microsoft on the Windows Phone and its Developments not just on statistics but on the SDK too 🙂