Project Hawaii SDK for Windows Phone

Project Hawaii is a Microsoft Research Project by Gleb Krivosheev, Philip Fawcett, Ronnie Chaiken, Arjmand Samuel, Jitu Padhye, Alec Wolman, Victor Bahl, Casper Liu, Jun He, Li Zhao, Hua Li, Xin Peng.

The Project Hawaii enables the developers to develop cloud enhanced Windows Phone applications.

The Project Hawaii SDK can be downloaded from the Project Home Page @ Microsoft Research Website.

Some of the cloud services includes in the Project Hawaii 2.0 SDK includes

  • Path Prediction Service.
  • Key-Value Store Service
  • Translator Service
  • Relay Service
  • Rendezvous Service
  • Speech-to-Text Service
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Service

All the features are interesting one’s. Specially the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Service which lets the user to take image with some sign and returns the text of the sign.

Know more about Project Hawaii SDK for Windows Phone here